​Interested in finding out what your options are? US immigration law is complex.  It can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Incorrect or incomplete filings with the immigration authorities can be a disaster, resulting in long delays, expensive costs, and even deportation!

Taking the wrong action can result in added months to the process and in some cases mean starting the process again. That is why finding the right immigration attorney to help you on your journey is crucial. Call or email to set up a consultation in either our Boston or Framingham office.

Attorney Wax will sit down with you and discuss your case and give you an honest evaluation. Our consultations are $200, which is credited toward the final amount, if you decide to hire us.  Call us to schedule an appointment Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for either an in­-office meeting or a telephone consultation.

Please leave a reliable phone number so we can respond to you as quickly as possible.

The Law Office of Amy M. Wax, P.C. was formed in 2010 by Attorney Amy Wax.  It now includes two locations: her original office located in Boston and a second location in Framingham.  Attorney Wax only practices immigration law and takes pride in providing the best possible legal assistance.  The Law Office of Amy M. Wax, P.C. is a law firm you can trust to provide high quality service.  We work hard to keep on top of the latest changes in immigration law. When you schedule a consultation with Attorney Wax, you will receive an honest assessment of your case with a clear explanation of the likelihood of success.

Over the years, U.S. immigration laws have become harsher and there are fewer options when someone has had problems with the law.  At this time, more than ever, it is important to have the help of an immigration lawyer with the experience that Attorney Wax has, in order to fully understand your options, rights and to be able to live legally in the United States.


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La oficina de Amy M. Wax fue fundada en el 2010 por Amy Wax. Ahora incluye dos oficinas: la oficina principal en Boston y una segunda oficina ubicada en la ciudad de Framingham.  La Abogada Wax solo practica derecho de inmigracion y siente orgullo al brindar la mejor asistencia legal posible.  La oficina de Amy M. Wax es un bufete de abogados confiado de proporcionar servicio de calidad.  Supervisamos constantemente cambios en ley de la inmigración.  Cuando usted hace una consulta con la Abogada Wax, usted recibirá un estimado honesto de su caso, y una explicación clara sobre las probabilidades del éxito.

Tras los años, las leyes de inmigración de los Estados Unidos de America se han puesto más rigurozas y hay menos alternativas de perdonar las infracciones de la ley.  En este momento, más que nunca, hay que contar con la asesoría facultada de un abogado en inmigración con la experiencia de la Abogada Wax, para entender sus opciones, derechos y asi poder vivir legalmente en los Estados Unidos.

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​We are conveniently located in downtown Boston, near Faneuil Hall. We are a short walk from the State Street and Haymarket T stops on the blue, green or the orange line of the subway.

We also have a Framingham office located right in the center of Framingham, across from the Town Hall.