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She deserves SIX stars!

Look no further. Amy Wax is the lawyer you WANT & NEED. Trust me. My husband and I started the waiver process with Amy in 2013. She was recommended to us by several friends. From our very first consultation we felt very comfortable and at ease. She took the time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple in order to fully grasp what our situation entailed. We immediately trusted her and her staff. She made us feel like we were her "only" clients by being readily available whether it be by phone, in person or email. She was always eager to answer any questions we had no matter how big or small or how many times we repeatedly asked the same thing. The immigration process is long and complicated but she was always one, even two or three, steps ahead of the game. We left each consultation with a sense of peace and reassurance throughout the whole process. She and her staff are extremely detail oriented and organized. In the very end, she gave us a very large folder with ANY and EVERY thing we could *possibly* need at the interview in Brazil. We got there completely prepared and confident ALL THANKS TO HER AND HER AMAZING STAFF. She emailed us during the whole trip to make sure everything was going as planned which made us feel like we had someone in our corner ready to fight for what we came there for. We just received a personal letter from Amy congratulating us on our immigration success and assuring us that she will be there to assist us when it comes to the naturalization process in 2 years. Like I said, she deserves SIX stars.

To God be the Glory that he put Amy in our path, when we thought that all was lost she gave us hope and a future we are grateful

My husband and I began our journey with Amy M. Wax in the year of 2013, April. My husband and I met with her to see if she would be able to escort my husband to his interview as a legal representative and translator because we had already started our I-130 Petition for Alien Relative on our own one year prior (which was a big mistake, because he had a deportation order out since from 2000). Amy assured us that she can handle our case and we felt very confident in working with her. It has been a very long and stressful journey and Amy was there through it all and stopped my husband from being deported which he was close to being but by the grace of God and Amy he has come back to us. It has been a long and rocky road and the Immigration system can be very complex and my advice is to not go at it alone. That is why we have professionals such as Amy and she as well as her excellent team (Paulo, Pedro, Sean & Melissa) have been my rock and shield and has given me hope. My husband has been now approved for his green card 2016, April and I can say that Today my husband and I as well as our beautiful daughter have been given another chance and we now have a future together to continue on in this life and build from the ground up. I can't Thank Amy enough for her help and support through this tumultuous journey.

Incredible immigration lawyer!

I have worked with Amy since 2010. She helped me through threat of deportation to getting my green card, and now, citizenship. Maybe any lawyer can do that, but what's special about Amy is that she worked with me in "good faith" when I was a student and didn't have any money to pay her fees (sometimes I paid her $10 a month) until I graduated, got a job and paid her. Way to put humanity in often faceless and cruel processes that sometimes destroy lives. I 110% recommend Amy to anyone who needs an immigrations lawyer who is effective and a pleasure to work with.

Posted by: Tracy

May 19, 2016

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October 27, 2016

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August 8, 2016

Best around

She was very professional and always there when you need it. She really takes each client as a friend and puts her all into each case. And don't want to forget Sean and Paulo they are always there to answer anything you need to know and if they don't know they do everything to find the answers. I was very satisfied with there work.